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Custom sprite
My new Riolu avatar by Matojeje
You'll get a custom sprite ... yeah
RP error window | Windows 8 style
(CLOSED) [RP] Error message by Matojeje
Customrp1 by Matojeje
Potions by Matojeje
Customize title, icon, text, buttons and the whole look. 20:points: !! Very very good and very very cheap
Also, when I find a great RP, I make it for free!

Nice avatar
My new Riolu avatar by Matojeje
Gift avatar: AverageGuardLucas by Matojeje
Lemeasarioluav 1 by Matojeje
Le Me3 1 by Matojeje
Bcf 1 by Matojeje
Rioluonyoshi by Matojeje
I'll do an avatar of your desire. Animated or not, it's the same price :)
I would need some detailed info  though
Photo manipulation transformation
Riolu TF [Photo manipulation] by Matojeje
Steve to Riolu TF by Matojeje
Gift avatar: AverageGuardLucas by Matojeje
I'll do photo manipulation, editing your photo to make it look like something else.
Well.... Look at the examples, you'll get it :D
Basically, I morph images.

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Tue Sep 16, 2014, 9:59 AM

Should I draw explicit art? 

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Maybe, you're wondering how did I get to Pokémon, Transformation and Roleplays.
I think it started like that:

When I was younger, I watched Pokémon anime on TV. That was so awesome! After the episode ended, there were lots of commercials. And one of them was for Wii. I saw it only once in my life, but I still remember that it was from and it was a Wii Fit ad. That got me very interested!
And, well, on Christmas 2008,  I got my very own Wii. I was very happy. It came with Wii Sports, a Wiimote, Nunchuck and bunch of other stuff. That was of course the first version. I never had, or never seen and even never heard about any console before, not even DS. Maybe once. Well, I also got Wii Fit and Wii Balance Board as another present. Wii Fit is actually a great game. Yup.
Then, I started getting more and more games on the Wii. I think the next game I got was Mario Party 8, but I'm not sure now. Anyways, when I had 7 game discs, including NSMBW, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports Resort and SMG2, they were pretty expensive, so we decided - no more buying games. So.... I was still pretty young, and my parents wouldn't understand. But, I found a thing called 'Homebrew channel'. Back then, there was no softmodding, so we had to send our Wii to be chipped. When it returned, there was a brand new blue channel installed, as well as 'USB Loader GX'. We had no idea what that was, but we launched it. We saw a lots of white rectangles. What?
A year after that, my dad discovered 'Th* **ra** *ay' (to not get banned) and started d*****a**ng a few games. Then, with lot of research on forums, I got a WBFS app that could move the games to USB and then make it playable on my Wii. It worked. Yay ^^
Today, I understand the technique of hacking perfectly, from making a level for NSMBW using Reggie and downloading homebrew apps to ripping the disc and editing the SZS of any game.
But now. How did I discovered the TFs and RPs?
Back when the Wii Shop Channel was still working, (thanks for ****ing up your console, Nintendo,) I was browsing games and found some interesting like World of Goo and BIT.TRIP. Today I'm proud to own them, on my Wii, on my PC, on my Droid. Well... Right then, it was the golden age of Pokémon TCG. Everyone got them. So that's how I got into Pokémon again. And one day, they added a neat thing called 'Pokémon Rumble'. What's that, i thought. So I downloaded a demo and launched it. A few minutes later.... I discovered I actually play as a Pokémon! Yup, that's true. Also, it's my first Pokémon game I ever played. So.... Then, Android phones started to spread around the world. Most of my classmates had them. I think that 2.3 was the last version. And I had a freaking HTC Diamond. Yeah, Windows Mobile. (Not to be confused with Windows Phone.) It sucked so hard. There was no place to find the apps so you had to search the entire net for (free) .cab files. Come on. Everyone was developing Android or iPhone apps. Why would someone ever do that for Win. Mobile? I mean - it could make calls but... you know.
And, so, it was like March '13, when I got my first 'actual' mobile phone. And I picked a '11 model (2yr old) because of something. There was something that no other phone had. It was XPERIA series.... .... it had 4 buttons below the screen... and 1 more button for power... and 2 more buttons for volume.... and 12 more buttons and 2 touchpads to make the controls playstation-like. ×, circle, square, triangle, Android phone, xperia, you know what I'm talking about. I'll show the answer in a while... brace yourselves.... you guessed it, xperia play. sony xperia play. Google it. And I think I don't have to say why did I picked THIS particular device. Moving on...
I bought 'My Boy!' em***tor and do**lo**ed a Pokémon Emerald R*M from C**lR*M, where I was d****o****g roms since I started playing on VBA (VisualBoyAdvance) years ago, (Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is da best) along with N64 games (SM64 and stuff) on Project 64. I also played something on Wii, VBA GX and shit. And while browsing the roms, I found.... Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team.... Well I guess you know what happened next.
Then I got a 3DS, and found PMD GtI demo, and that got me interested to actually be turned into a Pokémon... But how? I did everything for it. Even hypnosis! Sadly, nothing worked. But I believed. And I do still believe now. I may look pretty crazy, but... I really want to be a Pokémon. I was crazed. Then, while surfing, I randomly found a pokémon transformation story, a human to Lucario. Wow. Now I was amazed. And then...
A dream I had in summer break changed my life. It was about something like 'Pokémon camp', where we had to be transformed and do activities. If you want, I can tell you about it in more detail, but now I remember seeing Ash turning into a Pikachu. While dreaming, I was asked what Pokémon do I want to be. An opportunity of lifetime, and I missed it. Because I realized it was a lucid dream. Very bad. Well, I said I wanna be Pikachu, but they said they already had a Pikachu, so I have to pick different one. I woke up and thought about it. I browsed Bulbapedia on my phone. 'Lucarios are cool, I wonder if there's any pre-evolution.' There was. And, that was such cute and lovely creature named Riolu. Well, this part explains everything about Riolus and me but.... I tried to go the dream again... and I couldn't. Well... I started searching more TF stories. First one I read before was Lucario TF story aimed on college. I really don't remember who wrote it but I know I read that on Boat Browser on Andriod. I love that app. Nvm, Second was Pikachu TF, I think it was from PinkyBunnyChu but sadly she deactivated her account so I can't link it. Aww... And so, I decided to join the amazing community of deviantArt. Under the name Matojeje, but that's another story. But I didn't had enough. I wanted more. I wanted realism. Interactivity. Options. Transformations.
One day, I saw an ugly old JPEGified screenshot from like Windows XP. It was an error message, and after reading it, I discovered something. After a few comments and a lots of F5 refreshes, I was an Oshawott. I liked that very much. And then I wanted more of this. I wanted to be transformed again by different people. Torture me, I don't mind. I liked roleplays. And I still like them now. But, today, it seems like more and more people are roleplaying and the average quality goes down. However, thanks to many of you, the quality is slowly and surely restoring. Thank you.

Well, that's the story.
You like it?
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Bio? I'll work on that...

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